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forest tree nursery


The Pinneberger Baumschulland is one of the largest contiguous plant production facilities in the world. Due to its location between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, it has clear climatic advantages over other locations. In addition, there is the location between marshland and geest, which give the sandy soil humus layers up to 70 cm soil depth. These regional advantages give Schrader a decisive locational advantage.

Forest Plants

Our special attention is paid to the origins of the seeds used. In addition to the provisions of the Forest Propagating Material Act (FoVG), we produce forest plants from special origins that are selected and controlled by the Gütegemeinschaft für Forstliches Vermehrungsgut e.V. (DKV) and thus provide the best material available on the market.

Area-specific Shrubs

The aim of the certification for the area's own nursery products is to ensure the preservation of area-specific genetic variety. In doing so, the provisions of the special module "Area-specific shrubs" and the "Guidelines for the use of local shrubs" are taken into account and a DAkkS certification is sought. We are a member of the producer association for local nursery products in North-West Germany w.V. (ESB), and the Association for the Promotion of Local Woody Plants in the State of Brandenburg.

Christmas Trees

The Nordmann fir and the blue spruce are not subject to the FoVG in Germany, but here too the origin is decisive for cultural success. The more than 120 years of experience with the procurement of suitable seeds and the conscientious handling of production ensures the highest continuity in the quality of the delivered young goods.

Seed Harvesting

Our commitment to seed harvesting serves to secure origin. By storing, we can increase continuity in supply, as sowing is possible over several years. The interest of forest owners in reproducing their own most efficient stands can be guaranteed if necessary.

Contract Cultivation

Another way of securing origin in addition to the very complex certification procedures is our "contract cultivation". This method has proven itself for more than 50 years between several leading forest tree nurseries in northern Germany and the Swedish state. Customers in Germany such as forest administrations or road construction companies can also arrange contractually secured productions with us at any time.

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